Glued Solutions’ portfolio of networked wireless control system services span from comprehensive system designs and bill of material generation to full system provisioning and custom application development services. Whatever your specific advanced controls needs may be, Glued Solutions has the technical resources and project deployment know-how to fully support your next controls project from start to finish.


Glued Solutions’ System Design and Bill of Material Generation services provide the critical pre-project planning items that are required to set the stage for a successful control system deployment. GSI’s System Design and Bill of Material services cover the following items:

  • Full controls system design based on required system functionality
  • Proposed controls narrative that is required to achieve said system requirements
  • Planned location of control system’s network infrastructure
  • Identification of required control system devices per zone
  • Complete Bill of Materials for the fully designed system


Just as the design is critical to the performance of an advanced controls system, so too are the provisioning, setup, and configuration stages of a system deployment. As the main point of contact for all deployment logistics, GSI’s NEXTGEN System Provisioning services ensure a smooth system rollout – keeping all project stakeholders in the loop, including, installing contractors, IT departments, and end-users. GSI’s NEXTGEN System Provisioning Process includes the following comprehensive phases:

Phase 1: Device Configuration

  • Wireless devices and control zones configured
  • Default control strategies set


Phase 2: System Verification

  • Facility walk-through
  • Control Adjustments


Phase 3: System Schedules & Controls

  • Lighting control strategies established
  • Schedules and demand response set up
  • Daylighting calibration scheduled
  • Users added


Phase 4: Post-Install Verification

  • Final system adjustments
  • System backup completed
  • User training performed


GSI’s system support services are geared toward making your life easier. It isn’t often clients have the time or resources that are required to continually maintain and optimize their networked control systems. Couple that with the need for advanced technical support and most end users are left in the weeds. GSI’s dedicated maintenance and ongoing support services deliver the support you need, when you need it. Including:

  • Edge Device Maintenance
  • Control System Schedule Adjustments
  • Control Strategy Enhancements
  • System Re-Provisioning
  • Quarterly/Monthly Energy Reports
  • Quarterly/Monthly System Health Reports
  • Dedicated Support Center


GSI’s Small Scale Deployment (SSD) Solution provides end users with the full benefits of a large-scale networked controls system without the full-scale hosting costs. Whether it’s an initial pilot program for an enterprise-wide rollout or simply a smaller physical footprint, GSI’s SSD Cloud Solution gives you the smart controls you desire at a fraction of the standard annual cost.

  • Reduced Setup Fees
  • Full Networked Controls
  • Cloud-based Support
  • Lower Annual Cost
  • For Small Scale Applications
  • End User System interface
  • Multi-Facility Capabilities


Glued Solutions’ Custom Application Development and System Reporting services are specifically designed to make the most of our your advanced networked controls system. GSI custom applications provide detailed operational, energy efficiency, and safety insights not typically available from a standard control system. Working one-on-one with end-user clients, GSI’s system engineers will craft a completely custom application to suit any need. Some examples include:

  • Interactive multi-facility energy consumption vs. predicted savings analysis
  • Icy condition alarm notification to alert employees of slippery sidewalks
  • Monthly space utilization report including occupancy heat mapping
  • Machinery water temperature monitoring application
  • And much more…You describe it, and we’ll build it!

With a full offering of wireless control system deployment and support services, Glued Solutions has you covered from project start through to closeout and beyond. As your single source for designing, sourcing, deploying, and support a smart building system, Glued Solutions is committed to building continued value for your organization long after your system is installed.

Looking to deploy an advanced controls project? Contact GSI to uncover how we can help streamline your system deployment.